We are very happy to announce that our Mindfulness Meditation classes are back! Starting Thursday 2nd April, these will run fortnightly on a Thursday evening from 7pm, and will be in block courses throughout the year. For more information, click here, email or call us on 0115 9825353.

Meditation, or mindfulness, takes us beyond our everyday experience to a deeper, more peaceful state. By directing our attention in a particular way (for example, focussing on the breath) and simply allowing thoughts and feelings to come and go without reacting to them, we are able to access greater self-awareness and relaxation. We become more present in the here and now and more balanced in our responses.

Meditation has been practiced for centuries, and is becoming ever more popular. Scientific research has shown that meditation or mindfulness practice reduces stress and produces a number of other positive results. Meditation is not about spiritual belief or religion; it is, in simple terms, just about being consciously present with what is happening at any given moment. Ongoing practice is particularly helpful.

During the class, participants are guided through a selection of meditation and awareness exercises. Basic self inquiry methods are also taught. We also make time for discussion and sharing. No particular knowledge is required to join the class. Everyone is welcome, both experienced meditators and people who have never done any meditation. Just come as you are and we’ll take it from there.

Please note that meditation classes are not available during the school summer holidays.

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