Children and young people can face a range of challenging life situations. Traumatic events such as divorce, bereavement, or bullying may be very hard for them to process; for some children and young people, the stress of exams, illness or social pressures can be tough. In a range of circumstances, children and young people may benefit from the additional support that Children for counselling provides.

Our experienced counsellor creates a safe, nurturing space in which children and young people are able to express and make sense of their often confusing emotions. Using age-appropriate methods, they are gently encouraged to describe how they experience their world and their emotions. A trusting therapeutic relationship enables children and young people to reflect on their experiences in a non-judgemental atmosphere. They are also taught coping mechanisms that will continue to stand them in good stead throughout life.

As the Wellbeing Nottingham children for counselling sessions progress, the child or young person is better able to manage their feelings and understand their responses. Counselling leads to enhanced self-esteem and a greater ability to deal with life’s challenges

Wellbeing Nottingham counsellor, June Straw, has worked with children for many years. She was the first volunteer to work with The Place2Be (a well-known charity that provides counselling in schools) for five years, and works in a local school one day a week. She has undertaken extensive training, is CRB checked and fully understands safeguarding issues.

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At no time will the Wellbeing Clinic recommend using any therapy as an alternative to seeking medical help. Complementary therapists are not trained to diagnose or give medical advice.
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