Hopi Ear Candles are a pleasant, non-invasive treatment which removes excess wax, impurities and deposits. Working on a chimney principle, the treatments can also have a calming effect.

The candles are hollow wax tubes, made from beeswax and honey linen, and containing herbal extracts of sage (for its antiseptic properties), chamomile (to soothe) and St John’s Wort. One end of the hopi ear candle is lit and the other end is placed into the ear.

At the start of the session, the hopi ear candle therapist takes time to discuss your medical history and current symptoms with you. During the treatment, you lie comfortably on your side, on the massage couch. Both ears are treated. After the candles have been used, the hopi ear candle therapist massages the area around the ears and face to encourage lymphatic drainage. A lot of people feel a release of pressure straight after the treatment. Longer standing problems may require more sessions.

The hopi ear candles are so gentle they can be used on young children for conditions such as glue ear and other mucus related conditions. Everyone with excessive ear wax and hearing problems may also benefit.

It is not advisable to use hopi ear candles if you have grommets or there is any inflamation or infection in the ear, or if you experience any kind of allergic reaction to the candles themselves. If you’re not sure, just ask us.

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