“Connecting with your food can be just as important as what is on the plate in front of us"

What is nutritional therapy?

At the Wellbeing Clinic, we use the science of nutrition to not only promote optimal health and performance but also to help with dietary changes, and promote recovery from chronic and debilitating health conditions. With the overwhelming and often wrong information about food and health that is available to us on the internet it can be difficult to work out what we should be eating. Having the professional advice and guidance from our nutritional therapist will make all the difference.

By identifying and addressing underlying imbalances in the gut, nutritional therapy helps the body to recover from debilitating symptoms and chronic health conditions. 

Meet your nutritional therapist  

Henrietta Paxton - MSC Personalised Nutrtion  

Henrietta Paxton - MSC Personalised Nutrtion 

Like most of the Wellbeing Clinics therapists Henrietta Paxton came to nutritional therapy as a result of her own experiences. Throughout her twenty year career as a professional athlete Henrietta was plagued with injury as a result she missed out on the 2012 Olympics around the same time she lost her father to cancer. Though out this stressful time Henrietta recognised the role nutrition played in her helping her to love her own body physically and emotionally. As a result Henrietta undertook an MSC in Personalised Nutrition at the Centre for Nutrition and Lifestyle Management. 

Henrietta has particular interest in working with people's gut health. A healthy gut ensures that all the nutrients our bodies need are utilised fully. 

About your consultation

Before your initial appointment you will be sent a comprehensive nutritional questionnaire this allows Henrietta to get a truly holistic picture of you and your health.

The initial consultation lasts 90 min within this time Henrietta will create a detailed picture of your health history, enabling her to identify the triggers for your current health issue. These may include family health issues that may predispose you to certain health problems as well as any triggers in your own life such as a stressful event or change in circumstances. Lastly any current lifestyle choices such as food and environmental circumstances and fitness level. 

Once Henrietta has a full rounded picture of you she will be able to create a personalised nutrition plan to meet your circumstances and health goals. You will leave with 3-4 specific points to work on as well as some suggested meal plans. 

Once you have agreed a nutritional plan that you are happy to work with Henrietta will make a follow up  appointment with you for around 4 to 8 weeks depending on the goal.

Experience and qualifications

  • * MSc in Personalised Nutrition from the Centre for Lifestyle and Nutrition Management (CNELM) http://cnelm.co.uk in association with Middlesex University – April 2016
  • * Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Therapy, CNELM - October 2016
  • * BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, UWIC (now Cardiff Met) – July 2005
  • * Official Partner to West London Track and Field (https://www.westlondontrackandfield.com) since April 2016 * Official Partner of Podium Sports https://www.westlondontrackandfield.comsince May 2017
  • * Nutritional Well-being courses with Neal's Yard Remedies
  • * Educational articles for BANt eNews, West London Track & Field
  • * Guest lecturer at CNELM
  • * Presenter at University of West London annual Nutrition forum – July 2016
  • * Original recipes for gluten free, dairy free, Paleo, low histamine, anti-inflammatory, ketogenic, Intermittent fasting, IBD/IBS diets and more.

To book an appointment or to talk to us about what may help, you are welcome to phone or email.
At no time will the Wellbeing Clinic recommend using any therapy as an alternative to seeking medical help. Complementary therapists are not trained to diagnose or give medical advice.