Swedish massage is a great all round basic massage, using light to medium pressure. It is the most common and best known form of massage in the West, and is based on Western anatomy and physiology. It is both relaxing and invigorating, stimulating the metabolism and improving muscle tone. Our Swedish massage therapist will pay particular attention to any areas of muscle tension or stiffness.

At the start of the session, the Swedish massage therapist will ask you about your general health. She will then leave the room while you undress (leaving on your underwear is fine) and will return once you are lying comfortably on the massage couch, covered by towels. Massage oil is used, and the therapist uses a variety of movements or strokes to warm up the muscle tissues, release tension, and break up ‘knots’.

It’s easy to become stressed when we have such busy and demanding lives, and a Swedish massage is a wonderful way to relax. During the massage, you’ll experience what it’s like to be truly relaxed. You can then take that feeling into everyday life, as a reminder to relax as and when you can.

A Swedish massage is both a welcome boost to your wellbeing and an excellent way to reduce physical and emotional stress. Treat yourself to either an hour or half an hour of deep relaxation, which will leave you feeling both calm and energised.

Our Swedish massage therapists, Annice Miladovonic is a skilled and experienced therapists with a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

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