Wellbeing Clinic craniosacral therapist recognised for his skills

We’re delighted that our craniosacral therapist, Philip Humphreys, has been featured in a full-length article in the Mail on Sunday. Philip, who frequently treats young babies, is well versed in handling the symptoms that often occur in newborns, including reflux. Journalist Sadie Nicholas brought seven-week-old son Albie to see Philip and was very pleased with the results.

Needless to say, since the article appeared, Philip has been busier than ever. Having worked away quietly all this time – he’s been a craniosacral therapist for twenty years – it’s great to see Philip recognized for his skills, expertise, and gentle touch.



“Impossible to thank Phil Humpherys enough. Our 5 month old son was struggling terribly with Acid Re flux and nothing prescribed by the Doctors was helping. We were at our wits end when we read the article in the Daily Mail. After 2 sessions our little boy was completely transformed and is now a totally happy, smiley, contented little baby and we can finally start enjoying parenthood. Impossible to thank Phil enough as I said ….. Eternally Grateful”

Ben and Charlotte and especially grateful Sebastian