Testimonials for Acupuncture Therapist Nicola Price

Testimonials for Acupuncture

We receive many lovely messages for all of our therapists at the Wellbeing Clinic we thought it would be nice to share some of the lovely  testimonials that people leave. Testimonials are a lovely way to show gratitude to a therapist and are helpful to anyone who is considering acupuncture treatment. Here is a selection that we have received for Nottingham acupuncturist Nicola Price.

“Thank you for my excellent acupuncture treatments. I have a phobia about needles but I didn’t even feel them! And I’m feeling so much better, it’s such a relief.”


“I’ve been having acupuncture with Nicola for about 6 weeks so far. It was totally new to me and interesting experience, but it certainly seems to have been getting results. Nicola explained it all well and gave a thorough analysis before the treatment started so she could get a feel for the best way to treat me. Very good manner and relaxing during the treatment.”


“Since having acupuncture with Nicola a few months ago, I’ve been really impressed with the results. I had done some research prior but never plucked up the courage to give it a go. I’m so glad I did as I feel sure it’s helping deal with the everyday stresses of work! Nicola has been great and given lots of advice during the sessions. I would definitely recommend!”


“I’ve been having acupuncture for a few weeks now and almost every time I’ve come in, I’ve had some extra health issue.. Like a cough or a cold or water infection. Nicola has always included some extra attention to help me get better sooner, in addition to the main reason Iv’e been coming in. I’ve always seen results. Would definitely recommend acupuncture. Very much appreciate the treatment so far.”



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