Introducing Samantha Farmer, Our Nutritional Therapist

Samantha has joined the Wellbeing Team as our new Nutritional Therapist, and I spent some time with her today to find out what makes her tick.




What made you decide to become a nutritional therapist?

I qualified last year in 2014 but I’ve had an interest in nutrition since my early 20’s, when I became a vegetarian, after I started struggling to digest meat. Later, after I got married, my husband started having some issues that I believed were to do with food, so I decided to look into becoming a nutritional therapist myself. What really cemented it for me was whilst I was training, I went to see a student therapist myself as a client. I’d had benign cysts in my breasts for many years, but after taking nutritional advice from her, within four months the cysts were gone, and they’ve never returned!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Meeting amazing people. Seeing clients make the changes to improve their diet, and all the wonderful side effects that brings. You see how much they perk up, and how changing their approach to nutrition helps them emotionally as well as physically.

What issues do you see most frequently in your sessions?

Digestion. If your digestion is imbalanced then everything is. I also deal a lot with blood sugar problems.

What’s been your greatest client success so far?

I had a lovely lady come to me whilst I was still training. She had struggled with her weight all of her life, and she was now in her 60’s. Together we worked on a plan for her, and she lost over 5 and half stone! Her confidence went through the roof, and to this day she has maintained that loss. She changed her life for the better.

And finally, when you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

I love gardening, I grow my own vegetables and have chickens so I spend as much time as I can pottering around outdoors. I really enjoy yoga, and hill walking.  I like to cook, and I like to spend time in the kitchen experimenting with new ideas, and using all of the eggs my chickens lay! I love the natural way of life.


Samantha trained with the Functional Medicine model, a practice who puts the patient first. The FM sees the patient’s issues as a whole, not just diet related. Samantha looks into her client’s history, their family history and takes into account the patient’s relationships, as she believes emotional support is key to any treatment. Samantha will recommend other therapies to complement her nutritional work if she thinks the client needs them. If you’d like to book an appointment with Samantha, give us a call at the clinic.