5 Things You Should Know About Breakfast

Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day. How many times have we heard this, from our parents whilst we were growing up, in advertisements, in the press?

For years we’ve been force fed (excuse the pun) adverts for cereals and porridges that are loaded with sugar and are made from glutenous grains.

Breakfast is very important. It’s good to eat in the morning, to fuel the body and to kick start our metabolism. But so many of us are doing it wrong. Here are 5 reasons to stay away from traditional carb laden breakfasts.

1. GMO’s

Most grains and anything processed contain genetically modified organisms. GMOs have been known to cause digestive problems, allergies, liver and fertility issues. All cereals are made from grains (corn, oats, rye, etc.) and most bread contains GMO ingredients.

2. Sugar and Salt

Most cereals have added sugar and salt, to appease our ever-diminishing taste buds. Worryingly, cereals aimed at children tend to have 85% more sugar and 60% more salt than cereals aimed at adults! Basically the brighter and more fun the packaging is, the worse the product will be.

3. Refined Grains

The grains used in most breakfast cereals have been stripped and refined so much by the manufacturing process that they have little to no nutritional value, so the cereal companies have to ADD vitamins and minerals back in! Pointless!

4. Weight Gain

Eating a carb-heavy, sugar laden breakfast will more than likely make the average person gain weight. A lot of us are eating cereal or bread for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch then an evening meal of pasta or potato, and then wondering why we can’t shift the excess pounds. Eating this many grains and sugars, natural or otherwise can lead to insulin spikes and hormonal problems, which in turn cause weight gain.

5. Fatigue

Starting the day with a quick sugar spike will only lead to a blood sugar crash later in the morning, which can lead to excess caffeine consumption or a sugar craving at lunchtime, which can lead to another slump later… It’s a vicious circle and can be avoided by beginning the morning with a mixture of healthy fats and protein instead.


So with all that in mind, what can you eat instead? We share some of Wellbeing Clinic staff favourites with you…


Helen Pinnock, Director

‘I am a big fan of recipes from Hemsley and Hemsley and Madeline Shaw, and although I often start my day with eggs or a green juice, sometimes I just need a sweet fix. Madeline’s birch and buckwheat recipes fill that gap.’

Rachel Hinton, Reception

‘I like to start my day with a protein hit, so for me eggs, asparagus and smoked salmon, or an avocado are my go-to breakfasts.’

And my breakfast choice? In summer I will make a smoothie using almond milk, half an avocado, a couple of scoops of VeganSmart protein powder, some chia seeds and a dollop of organic peanut butter. In the winter, eggs and greens. Yum.

We like to use our local greengrocers, The Fruit Basket for all of our fresh produce, and hard to find ingredients.

VeganSmart Naturade Protein Powder is available from our friends at The Health Store