Fitness and Wellbeing a Q&A with Triathlete Nick Dunn

Do fitness and wellbeing go hand in hand?

I spoke to Nick Dunn, 2 x AG world champion triathlete and business owner to find out.

When did you fall in love with triathlons?

I was on work experience at a gym and they had a spin class followed by a run then a swim class so I started doing those, and a few of the regulars did triathlon so I borrowed a bike off one of them and entered a novice race.  I loved it straight away and went out and brought a bike.  Two weeks later I got knocked off and had to wait 4 years until I did my next race- worth the wait though, and learnt a lot about my body and how to look after it since – that was 2005 – and  I haven’t stopped training/racing since.

What made you want to start up TriCamp, and your PT business?

I wanted to be in the fitness industry to begin with as that was where my passion was and my degree led me to.  After 5 or so years as a personal trainer, I was finding more and more of my clients were triathletes, or I was turning them into triathletes so decided to become a triathlon coach.  On the TriCamp front; with my coaching experience as well as a love for Mallorca I wanted to take people abroad and offer them a unique training week in the sun where they could learn lots about triathlon, as well as having fun and not having to worry about day to day life.  6 years later I still love doing this.

Why is it important to you to incorporate wellbeing into your fitness regime?

Being good at swimming, cycling and running is all very well, but if you’re injured or not feeling good then you don’t get your best performances.  That’s why looking after one’s self is more important than the three disciplines mentioned above.  To make sure I am looking after myself and in good health I must look at my overall wellbeing and make sure I keep balanced, and address any issues that may have the potential to decrease my performances.

What complementary therapies have you used to aid your regime?

I do a lot of yoga and Pilates, as well as having sports massage and chiropractic treatments.  All the above are vital for me to keep performing well. My favourite treatment is craniosacral therapy, as it’s like an out of body experience that leaves you feeling revitalised.

What’s your favourite home workout?

Very simple to do and doesn’t involve any equipment.  10 squats (for leg strength) taking your bum as low to the floor as you can (with heels down), 10 press ups, moving slowly through the movement (for shoulder strength) then a 1 minute run (for heart and lungs) as hard as I can round the block, 2 mins rest and repeat 3-5 times. Really quick workout and very effective.

What is your latest healthy obsession?

Cold showers in the garden with a hose pipe!! Being cold helps with metabolism and its great using extra fat stores to burn off to warm me back up.  Mentally it’s really good for me as well.  Be careful which neighbours are watching though!!

What inspires you?

I don’t really have people I look up to that inspire me, I suppose what inspires me is knowing that the hard work I put in will give me the best chance of achieving my personal best.  So being the best I can be is the answer to this.

As of 2014 Nick Dunn is a 2 x AG world champion triathlete, and was 2011 European Champion. Nick runs training sessions in the UK and training holidays in Mallorca. See and for more information