Helen Pinnock founder of the Wellbeing Clinic

“What made me found the Wellbeing Clinic?”

I’ve been asked this more than a handful of times over the years. Well, nearly a decade ago I took a deep breath and a giant leap of faith when the opportunity came up for me to buy the Wellbeing Clinic where I got to transition from therapist to business owner. And since then, my company has undergone tremendous change so that it could flourish and grow into a successful business model with a team of talented therapists and staff who are at the heart of the clinic. But that still doesn’t fully answer the question, so let me explain how complementary therapies changed my life and led me to owning this kind of business.

My journey into discovering the world of wellbeing and complimentary therapies really began while I was searching for some answers due to a chronic health concern. I was diagnosed at the age of 14 with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which I spoke about in a recent blog post. PCOS is lifelong condition that causes irregular and unbelievably heavy periods and it makes conceiving a challenge amongst other complications. Eventually, after ten years of being prescribed a string of heavy painkillers and the pill, the countless dead end GP and hospital visits, I grew tired of it all. I’d been pushed from pillar to post for far too long and I knew that there had to be a better alternatives out there. Right?

I started reading anything that I could get my hands on about nutrition and started to experiment with a sugar-free and grain-free diet way before the word “gluten-free” started popping up on menus. With the self-diagnosed dietary changes I made, my periods regaining a degree of regularity for the first time in years! And it was around this time when I read about someone who had got pregnant through homeopathy and wanted to give it a go. I managed to track down a homeopath who’s initial consultation left me feeling completely disorientated after being asked what seemed like a series of random questions like “How do I feel when I’m upset? What kinds of food do I crave?” etc. Despite this, I kept on with the treatments because I experienced some optimistic results. My health began to improve to the point where I was eventually able to conceive my two beautiful sons, now healthy and robust teenagers, of whom I’m extremely proud of.

Finding an alternative therapy that gave me tangible results really fuelled my desire to train and work in various therapies such as Indian head massage, ear candling and nutrition though I primarily practised as a reflexologist. But I couldn’t shake that first impression at the homeopath all those years ago. My initiation into homeopathy taught me my first important business lesson of how not to leave clients in the dark during the consultation process. And as an owner of a clinic I get to ensure the client experience is of paramount importance; from the moment they call or drop-in, to the treatment itself, it is an informed and empowering experience so that the client receives the maximum benefits from the treatments. So, I’m not only lucky because I’ve found my entrepreneurial niche where I get to share my deep-running passion and knowledge for the services my clinic offers, but I also get to ensure every client doesn’t share the same kind of bewildering experience I had twenty years ago. So, back to that initial question of “What made me want to own and run the Wellbeing Clinic?” It’s because I’ve been in the client’s shoes before.

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Client to Clinic Owner - create your wellbeing business from the inside out.