Organic September: Wellbeing trip to London

Organic September is here and to celebrate, Helen, Rachel and I took a trip to London to investigate the latest trends in organic food, drink and beauty.

The Wellbeing way of life is becoming big news

It’s really encouraging to see that people want to take care of what they are eating, and are becoming aware of the relationship between food and their bodies.  Consequently, healthy food and organic products are becoming more accessible and interesting. We were surprised to see that even the drinks trolley on the train to London sold coconut water!

There are lots of places in London popping up offering vegetarian, raw and vegan food that consists of more than a nut loaf/mushroom pasta option. In our opinion, none do it better that the Wild Food Café, located in Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden. Offering amazing food and a wonderful community atmosphere, this is a real gem of a find, with quite the cult following. Neal’s Yard is home to Neal’s Yard Remedies, and is a wonderful courtyard full of vibrancy and colour, which extends through to all of the businesses located there.

Whilst we were there, we did a bit of shopping in Neals Yard Remedies, which is perhaps one of the best and well known retailers of organic products, with a wide range of organic skincare, makeup, supplements and aromatherapy oils. Within the courtyard there are also treatments such as acupuncture and massage on offer. They are probably one of the longest running organic companies in the UK, having started in 1981. Their motto is:

Quite simply, organic ingredients are better for you because they contain the highest levels of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They’re also better for the planet because they’re free from toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers, better for farmers, their families and communities, the soil, future crops, wildlife, water courses….we could go on. Basically, organic is just better!

We think that says it all!

Between shopping and eating, we took a trip to Mayfair to experience non-alcoholic cocktails in a luxury setting. The Connaught Hotel has a bar serving non-alcoholic cocktails that are out of this world, with first class service which makes you feel special. We really felt that we were treated to an amazing experience with attentive and friendly staff. The drinks tasted and looked amazing, and the Connaught is a truly beautiful building with a very traditional British style.

Because we hadn’t eaten or drank enough (!), we decided to nip into Selfidges to visit Tanya’s Café. Tanya is the author of The Uncook Book, a raw recipe book which is quickly becoming a best seller.  We enjoyed a pina colada ‘cheesecake’ and a chocolate ‘milkshake’ made from entirely raw ingredients and totally gluten and dairy free. These were by far the best raw sweet treats we’ve tasted, and no doubt Helen will be buying the recipe book soon!

The beauty of London as you would expect is that there is something for everyone, whether you are Gluten Free, vegetarian, vegan or Paleo, want a quick bite to eat on your lunch break or indulge in a full on raw food experience, you’ll always find a good place to go.