Create the Kind of Self you are Happy to Live With: Overcoming Trauma

You are courageous!

Time and time again, I am overcome by the bravery of the people who walk into our wellbeing clinic and seek counselling, or those people who tell me they have been through a course of counselling to recover from the effects of trauma. It takes a lot of courage to face past events and make changes in your thoughts and beliefs. Whether you have been a victim of crime, have been involved in a natural disaster or suffered abuse, the results of trauma are the same; an all-encompassing feeling of fear and helplessness.

Anyone who has suffered from trauma will be able to relate to the symptoms that trauma can result. Flashbacks to the event, a feeling of constant hyper-arousal, being constantly on guard and an avoidance of certain situations. These symptoms can be debilitating.

To inquire into these areas of your life takes effort, trust and faith. However, the inquiry can bring great rewards and freedom. It is possible to heal from the effects of trauma, but it takes time, there will be struggles along the way. It is important to remember to be kind to yourself and create a safe environment to explore these thoughts and ideas.

Counselling or another treatment can’t take away the hurt and pain, but it will make you more resilient enabling you to adapt to changes in your life to move from being a victim to a place of more peace and joy.  As I said at the beginning of this blog I have nothing but admiration for anyone who makes steps to make changes I think this quote sums it up.

Wanting more for your future is not a betrayal of your present or past Danielle Laporte

Support yourself to heal from trauma

Studies have shown writing or journalling helps decrease stress, improve health and sleep. You don’t have to pay attention to your grammar, spelling, or content and you don’t need to share your writing with anyone. The point is to lighten the load on your body and make yourself feel better.

Yoga is another way to help heal yourself, many trauma survivors struggle with staying present in their bodies, often reporting feelings of dissociation. Yoga can help a person feel grounded, present and gives an awareness of their bodies. A study in  the New York Academy of Sciences, an expert in Post Traumatic Stress found that those completing eight sessions of Hatha Yoga showed a significant improvement in symptoms.

Healing is a journey there is no easy shortcut, we need to inquire into those difficult places inside of us. We all need to find the safe places within people who will not judge us, but validate our feelings, allow us to be vulnerable and help to guide us so that we are able to practice self care and move into a life of our choosing.

With Respect,


P. S. If you want to learn more about how the Wellbeing Clinic can help you I invite you to contact our reception team all of whom are trained to help you get the best possible help we can offer.