Embracing Change

Change is happening all the time and we need things to change for life to move forward, but for many people it can be upsetting. After all, most of us are creatures of habit and we prefer routine and stability, especially in our day to day lives.

When change occurs, we need to take control. Here are some ways you can cope with changes, however they happen.

Accept that some things are just beyond our control.

Occasionally, things happen in life that we just cannot control. We might lose our job through no fault of our own. A loved one may become ill, or pass away. Often when these things happen, we can feel hopeless, and like we can’t carry on because nothing will be the same. It’s important during stressful times to accept that there is nothing you could have done to stop the outcome of the event. Whilst this won’t change anything, it will start you on the path to healing, and understanding your feelings around it.

Make a routine for yourself and stick to it.

When everything around you is changing, and everything feels up in the air, try making some small but firm routines and stick to them. Something as simple as having breakfast at the same time every day, taking a walk every lunch time or attending a yoga class on the same day each week can help you to feel grounded while everything around you feels uncertain.

Celebrate the positives.

Try to find a good outcome to the changes that are happening. If you can feel happy about even just one aspect of the change, you might find that creates a positive feeling, helping you to move forward. Take time to reflect on what is changing, and use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Talk it out.

If you are still struggling to cope with changes in your life, think about talking to a counsellor. Sometimes it is easier to speak to someone who you don’t know, and who doesn’t know your friends and family and counselling provides a safe environment where you can say what you want, and explore your feelings with no fear of judgement.