Why Your Toast Allegedly Causes Cancer

Oh dear. If you’ve heard the news this morning, it would seem that we can’t even enjoy our morning (wholegrain/gluten-free/low-carb) toast without having to worry about it causing cancer…

We have known for some time that cooking some foods until they are effectively ‘burnt’ (think chargrilled) can be carcinogenic. But the reason we are now being warned to only gently cook our starchy carbs to a mild golden colour, is down to a little chemical called Acrylamide.

Acrylamide is produced when starchy foods are roasted, fried or grilled for too long at high temperatures. It’s all to do with sugars; when cooked until brown, the sugar, amino acids and water present in the bread combine to create colour and acrylamide – as well as flavour and aromas.

When bread is grilled to make toast, for example, this causes more acrylamide to be produced. The darker the colour of the toast, the more acrylamide is present. Potatoes and parsnips are also victims of this chemical reaction.

12 Foods to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

So, hopefully, as long as we are only gently cooking these foods, we will be ok, but how about adding in more cancer-fighting foods to our everyday diet? These are Dr Axe’s top 12 cancer fighting foods, which, if you’re not already adding to your diet, you should be!

Dr Axe also recommend superfoods such as chlorophyll, spirulina, raw cocoa and blue-green algae, and a range of supplements, including Vitamin C, pancreatic enzymes, probiotics, potassium compound, vitamin B12 or a B vitamin complex, and omega-3 fatty acids. If you’re new to supplements, the easiest one to start with is a probiotic, go to any decent health store and you will find a large selection. You want one with at least  5 billion bacteria, but the higher the number, the better.

So with the addition of all this to our diets, we will all be fighting the chemicals that cause cancer, and leading a healthier lifestyle. Who needs toast anyway?!

With thanks to Dr Josh Axe, of who’s website and Facebook page we are great fans!