Exercise and pain

Writing a new year blog is always a difficult one. I read some blog’s about how to exercise more and eat less they include goals that are unrealistic, unattainable and quite frankly take the joy out of life. So here is my attempt at a new year blog about wellbeing goals. In the new year I like to set myself goals around my wellbeing for the coming year. My personal wellbeing, goal for 2016 is to get more movement in my life in a conscious way. I struggle with chronic back pain meaning some days I can walk miles other times I really struggle.

 After some thought, I decided yoga and walking would be the best way to achieve my goal of more movement. Yoga classes are too much for me at the moment, so I decided on a personal yoga practice every day for 15-30 min to gently stretch and strengthen my body, after seeking advice from my yoga teacher friends and searching YouTube for a practice that suited my needs I settled on Yoga tx . Waking is a matter of putting on a pair of trainers, my goal is 10,000 steps.

These are all good intentions, but like everyone else my concern is that this will become another January fad. For me the key is to listen to my, body, this is where the conscious bit comes in.  Every now and again, I need, too check in with myself and, ask the questions. How does my body feel today? Is this working for me? Sometimes my body will respond straight away, with a very clear answer, that yes, this yoga routine is what I need today, or that this walk will strengthen my muscles. However, there are other days when I ask the same questions and struggle to get the answers I think I want. At these times I think my ego gets in the way and all the following statements pop into my head. I feel tired, my body hurts, I will do it later. These are the moments when I find I am not truly listening to what my body needs. Invariably at these times I need to take a breath and truly listen to my body, as it may in fact just need to rest. So on reflection I guess another Wellbeing Goal is to continue to learn to listen to my body.

Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them.

Shakti Gawain

So as they say watch this space, and I will let you know how my wellbeing goal goes for this year. If like me, you need support to meet your wellbeing goals or need to learn to listen to what your body is telling you, click through to Wellbeing Clinic Nottingham.