What I have learnt from taking up paddle boarding

Ok so not the most obvious of sports to enjoy when you live in a land locked county in England. Earlier this year I decided I needed a little bit more fun in my life but I had no idea what that looked like. It then popped into my head that I wanted to try paddle boarding after watching my teenage boys try it on a lake in Italy a year earlier.

When I get an idea in my head it can stay for some time so, on a beach in Devon this summer the opportunity arose to have ago so off I went with my teenage boys to rescue me if I fell in or drifted down stream to far (now at this point I am sure my husband was sitting on the beach googling osteopaths and chiropractors as I do have form for ideas that end up with a holiday visit to an osteopath.) Anyway, not to be put off I got a promise from my boys that they wouldn’t push me into the sea and off we went I didn’t stand up but I didn’t fall in either and apart from a slightly hairy moment where I nearly took the head of a swimmer it was great fun and no emergency visit to an osteopath.

Safely back in my land locked home county it came as a surprise to see that there was a paddle boarding group in Nottingham so off I went looking for a little bit of fun hopefully not to fall or injure myself.

So, what have I learnt about paddle boarding and myself.

·      I am a water sign and love being around water as it sooths my soul so paddle boarding is the perfect activity for me.

·      I am quite content to paddle down a canal or around a lake I not very competitive when it comes to sport all though it is fun to watch others race off or do yoga on a board (yes it’s a thing.)

·      A city I thought I knew very well looks very different from the water.

·      Even though I have been paddling for a short space of time you become acutely aware of the changes of the seasons in all there glorious colour.   

·      A low impact sport paddle boarding seems to not be a barrier to people struggling with varying degrees of chronic health issues.

·      Paddle boarding it seems is inspiring people to make changes in their lives as this article in the mail demonstrates http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5090717/Cancer-survivor-glad-told-die.html#article-5090717

I think the comedian and actor Bill Baily best describes the feelings that can be felt when paddle boarding

“I fell in love with its simplicity and freedom – and the eerie naturalness of standing upright on the water.” Bill Bailey Telegraph

I can safely say that I have found my little bit of fun in paddle boarding but I am gaining so much more along the way I am excited to see what the coming year holds for my paddle boarding experiences.

If you are interested in experiencing the wellbeing that arises from Paddle Boarding then check out Cassie at SUP Fitness this group of paddle boarders are very welcoming to everyone maybe start the new year with a new outdoor hobby and sport. Cassie herself has an inspiring story so be sure to check it out on her website https://www.supfitness.co.uk/about maybe be you will be inspired to make some wellness changes in your life.

Photo credit : Cassie Salter 


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