There are times when even the strongest of us require some support.

People with unresolved issues, whether personal or work-related, underperform in all kinds of ways. Depending on their position in the organisation, one person’s dysfunction can have a serious effect on the people around them, as well as their ability to carry out their own work.

We’re very experienced at providing high quality counselling for private companies and public organisations. Our counsellors have worked with many people at the sharp end, such as police officers and prison warders, and we’re able to respond quickly when traumatic events happen and employees need support.

Our counsellors are trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a range of other therapeutic techniques

Nearly all of our sessions are face to face, because we know there’s real value in building a positive therapeutic relationship. However, we also provide telephone and Skype sessions if necessary.

Everything shared within the sessions is kept entirely confidential. However, we evaluate the progress of all our clients (with their permission), so you can be assured the sessions are having a positive impact. Our counsellors are trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a range of other therapeutic techniques, so we’re able to offer the most appropriate support, rather than being limited to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Integrity is central to everything that we do, and we practice what we preach. We understand how challenging personal and organisational change can be, and we also know the rewards that come from facing challenges head-on.
The Wellbeing Clinic's mature and highly professional team members have worked with a wide range of companies and organisations, including borough councils, police forces, prisons, and the Independent Living Fund.

We do not ask you to sign a contract or retainer fee you only pay for what you use for more information contact the Wellbeing Clinic Manager: